True love?

Viendo 2 entradas - de la 1 a la 2 (de un total de 2)
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    Both of them may or may not have a lasting impact depending on the girl.
    At age 31, I no longer care about love, but the ability to reproduce.
    Guy two was obviously more husband material. If the girl stuck with him he probably would have eventually kissed her when he had the means to enter a binding agreement with her. He was responsible, but because the girl was young and looking for love, not a husband to reproduce with, she ditched him.
    Guy one set up guy two for failure. The girl preferred guy 1. Because she left guy two for not kissing her, and she preferred guy three.
    Not all girls are like this. Some don’t lose their virginity early and would prefer guy 2.
    Some like to be dominated and would never have left guy 1.
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Viendo 2 entradas - de la 1 a la 2 (de un total de 2)
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